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Young People

See what Parents of NCS Graduates have had to say

“NCS has affected me in many ways, I have so many more friends and people I can confide in and I feel so much happier with myself as a person. It’s also changed my attitude towards college as I am no longer nervous about the unfamiliar surroundings!”

“If I was to pinpoint the best thing about NCS , it would be the people around me as all the leaders and the new friends I made were all great and very supportive.”

“I heard about NCS and wanted to take part because it was a great opportunity to expand my social group and develop new skills such as team building and leadership skills. It will also look great on my CV.”


See what Parents of NCS Graduates have had to say

‘We just wanted to let you know what a fantastic time our daughter, Katie Harvey, has had with you over the last three weeks.  When we asked her which her favourite week had been she said “all three”! I think that says it all. We know she will be very sad that this experience has come to an end but also know she has made some great new friends. Thanks very much to all of you for making it such a memorable time for Katie.

NCS Graduate Parent

“He came home and he was a different person, he had a brilliant time and had made some friendships. He seemed happy and full of confidence. NCS reminded him what a great kid he is and what he is capable of. The NCS programme is without doubt a fantastic opportunity for teenagers and I wish it was compulsory.”

Debbie Bartlett, Graduate Parent

“My Daughter decided to take part even though she had no friends to go with because she had no friends. She was brave at that moment, she cried after induction day and said she wasn’t doing it, a few hours later she said I am doing it because I’m not letting anxiety stop me anymore. I dropped her off for week 1 and left a scared child. 5 days later I got a person back that I suffered from anxiety for years you gave me back a confident young women.

Wendy Gyarmati, Graduate Parent


See what Teachers have had to say about the impact on their students at School

“Hymers College has had around 40 students go through the NCS Programme in the last twelve months and everyone has remarked on how fantastic the scheme is. It has allowed them to meet youngsters from other schools and opened their eyes to some of the social problems that exist within the city of Hull.”

David Elstone, Hymers College